How it Works

1. Register

(or SIGN IN if we already have a set of your keys on file)

As Urban Bellhop requires a 24 hour lead time to assign a Bellhop to your rental, we encourage you to register in advance. Our registration allows you build a short profile about yourself and your property which is visible

2. Exchange Key

Urban Bellhop offers you two ways to collects a set of keys to your property which we securely label, and store. We will meet you at a location convenient for you to pick up a spare set (or we'll make a set from the originals and return the same day). Or take a picture of your house keys with your phone and we’ll make a set. Our friends at make a safe, convenient and a perfect key every time using a blend of image analysis, computerized machining, and old fashioned mechanical craftsmanship to build your key.

Once you are registered as a host and we have a set of keys on file for your property along with any specific instructions, you are ready to create your first urban bellhop reservation.

3. Make Reservation

Remember: Plan Ahead. Urban Bellhop has a 24 hour minimum lead time required.

4. Bellhop Confirmation

Urban Bellhop will contact your guest(s) to inform them that we will be handling the check in service on your behalf and schedule a time to meet the guest at your property.

Happy Hosts. Happy Guests.

Schedule a Bellhop