Host and Guest Services
for Your Vacation Rental

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For Hosts

Urban Bellhop is dedicated to helping vacation rental hosts (Airbnb / VRBO) maximize their rental opportunities. If you are out of town, busy at the office, or unable to meet potential Airbnb guests, Urban Bellhop is here to meet, greet and get your guests settled in to your digs. We are a team of experienced vacation rental hosts who understand the art of hospitality. We can help you be the best host you can be.

For Guests

We are a team of experienced Airbnb hosts who will make your check in process smooth and hassle free. Once your host has requested an Urban Bellhop, we will be your point of contact and make all arrangements to meet you at the house to get you settled in. We can even have all of your favorite food items waiting for you in the fridge, just let us know what you like.


"Urban Bellhop saved the day! My travel plans changed last minute and I was no longer going to be able to greet my AirBnb guests. They came through in a pinch and were amazing meeting my guests and making them feel at home in my apartment."

Mike M., AirBnb Host San Francisco

"I couldn't have asked for a better service! My work schedule had me out of town for two weeks straight. Using Urban Bellhop allowed me to rent my apartment three times during that period without having to worry about anything. They handled all of my guest check ins and even arranged for cleaning services in between guests so that I could continue to maximize my time away"

Susan T., AirBnb Host San Francisco

“We all work too hard. When you realize that you could pay for your entire vacation while you are gone – by ‘vacation rental’ - and not having anything go wrong, why not! The team at Urban Bellhop helped to make this happen. They took all the stress out of meeting my guests and even helped with a lock out situation.”

Heather F., Airbnb Host SF